'Riff the Robot', a Mashup of Slingshots, Pinball and 'Peggle'

Touch Arcade

I was doing something to save the universe. I think!

Dr. MC

My Warp-O-Tron scattered my brain making me lose my marbles.

Dr. MC

There’s a high quality design to everything included, and it’s one we’re looking forward to.


Apple “Best Featured Update” – Riff the Robot

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RiffTheRobot_Apple_iOS_feature_game_OhSoShiny.jpg• Featured by Apple “Best Games of June 2015”

• 4.5 out of 5 stars – “…Bouncing Bliss …rewards skill rather than simply having the player rely on luck, and as a result, brings something truly fresh to an already well-worn genre.” – Gamezebo

• 4.5 out of 5 stars – “…Get your funk on …The unique gameplay concept also makes this title stand out above the rest of the competition.” – AppAdvice

Riff the Robot Update 1.3

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We have released a major update to Riff the Robot, which includes some gameplay changes, improvements, bug fixes and lot’s of Oh So Shiny polish. It’s available now only on iTunes in New Zealand and Australia.

• Riff’s Side Thrusters are now controlled by tapping the sides of the screen instead of swiping.
• The 5 Top Exit Gates have been replaced by a single Warp Gate that sucks Riff into it once opened.
• Powerup tutorial levels.
• Lots of level improvements.
• More awesome!

GDC 2015: ‘Riff the Robot’, a Mashup of Slingshots, Pinball and ‘Peggle’

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Today, we sat down with Jared from Touch Arcade (toucharcade.com) to demo Riff the Robot. We showed off the latest and greatest build of the game, which we have been working hard to polish and make more awesome! You can see the full review and video they captured here GDC 2015: ‘Riff the Robot’, a Mashup of Slingshots, Pinball and ‘Peggle’.

Read the complete article!

It’s Official!

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We are officially recognized as a business! As you can tell by the site name. We are Oh So Shiny, and we make games that are interactive, fun, friendly and social. Right now we have a lot of suit & tie type things to attend to but we are also working on some fun things. We have tons of ideas brewing but you always have to filter them down to what is feasible. Stay tuned!

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