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Last Updated: June 22, 2015

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Riff the Robot older device issues.

We have had some reports of issues on iPhone4s and iPad Mini (1st Gen) which should be resolved in the version 1.7 update.  Also, some issues may be resolved using this method > Double Tap the Home Button… Then swipe the App upwards on apps that use up background memory.

For more info see this Apple help page:

Why isn’t Riff the Robot available for my device/platform?

Riff the Robot is currently only supported on Apple’s iOS. We have extensively tested it on older devices and had to drop some to give you the best experience possible to play the game. You can keep up to date with the latest news and announcements when we launch on other platforms by following us on Facebook or by following us on Twitter.

Can I play Riff the Robot in off line mode?

Sorry, currently Riff the Robot only supports playing with an online connection. This way we can update scores, progress, friends, updates and news. Offline mode is something we want to bring to Riff the Robot to make it an even better experience to play anytime anywhere.

How can I disable notifications?

To disable notifications or adjust their settings (i.e. sounds, badges, alert style) go to your device’s main Settings app, select Notification Center and then the specific app you’d like to adjust from the list.

Why am I being told, “Sorry, it appears this Facebook User is already linked to a different account”?


Why don’t I see my progress, powerups, or coins when I install Riff the Robot on a new device?


How big was the team that build Riff the Robot?

It’s taken just 2 people, 1 super talented part time audio mix master about 9 months to build from the ground up. Ever so stressful but was fun to create something we thought was fun and now love. We would like to thank our friends, family, kids and most of all our wives. They believed we could create something awesome and fun!

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