Underneath this fun and easy-to-play surface, Riff the Robot is a game of strategy and skill.  Master Riff’s side thrusters to pull off harrowing escapes.  Act fast in the timed levels to collect as many marbles as you can.  If you choose wisely which power-ups to use and which marbles to collect first, you’ll be well on your way to 3-starred levels and claiming the top leaderboard spot amongst your friends.


When Dr. MC tried to travel through time, in his Warp-O-Matic wormhole generator, something went wrong causing him to loose his mind.   Collecting his lost marbles involves jetting left/right, aiming, timing and a little bit of luck!

Blue Marble – Worth 100pts
Orange Marble – Worth 100pts.
Also increases multiplier by 1x!
Green Marble – Worth 250pts.
Once all are collected, opens top Warp Gate.
Purple Marble – Worth 500pts.
For the best score, collect all of these after you have a large multiplier.
Extra Time Marble – Worth 100pts.
Adds 1 second to your Level Timer.
White Marble – Worth 100pts.

  • On Fire : Immediately enables a free Fire Powerup.
  • Riff Flashing: Immediately enables a free Teleport Powerup.
  • Shield Flashing: Immediately enables a free Shield Powerup.
  • Sparkling: Immediately enables a free Random Powerup.

Level Types

Collection Level
Take your time.
 Line up that shot. Collect all the green marbles in the level to open the top Warp Gate.
Timed Level
Get as many points as you can before time runs out!  Once time is up, the top Warp Gate opens.  Time only counts down while Riff is not stationary on a launch device, so you can take your time. Skill and timing are the key to winning!

High Scores

Achieving high scores involves getting all the orange marbles as early as possible.  This will increase your multiplier, then every marble collected afterwards will be worth more!  Also, receive a bonus for collecting all marbles in a level!


Successfully complete a level, and you’ll be presented with the Reward-O-Matic.  Earn stars and get more chances to win prizes and bonuses on the wheel!

Marbles with 2x – Landing on one of these rewards will double the number of collected marbles of that type.
Energy Cell – landing on this reward will give you 1 energy.
Coin – landing on this reward will add the specified number of coins to your inventory.

Special Abilities

To help navigate Riff on his adventure to find Dr. MC’s lost marbles, you also have a variety of abilities at your disposal.

Side Thrusters
Acquired Level 4 – Riff’s Side Thrusters are your most valuable tool!  Tapping on the right side of the screen will jet Riff to the right.  Tapping on the left side of the screen will jet Riff to the left.  Learning to accurately maneuver Riff with his Side Thrusters is the key to success!
Fire Powerup
Acquired Level 14 – The Fire Powerup allows Riff to burn through marbles and shells with ease!  Lasts several seconds.
Teleport Powerup
Acquired Level 18 –  The Teleport Powerup will safely transport Riff to the most important marble left in the level.  Order of importance: Extra Time, Orange, Purple, Green.
Shield Powerup
Acquired Level 21 –  The Shield Powerup prevents Riff from dying from touching a deadly hazard.  Lasts for 3 hits.


1 Energy is used to play a level.  If you run out of energy, you can wait a specified amount of time and it will regenerate on its own.  If available, you can also watch video ads to gain more energy.


After completing a section of levels, there are memory gates.  In order to unlock a gate, you must have collect enough of Dr. MC’s marbles to unlock more memories.  If you haven’t collected enough, replay unlocked levels to acquire more marbles.

Bonus Levels

Bonus levels become unlocked by collecting a specified number of stars.  A levels Star Requirement is listed below the bonus levels icon.

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